Monday, September 28, 2009

Kitchen Caper =)

I'm baaacckk!!! I finally got the momma to blogging, but by the time I realized what she was blogging about, it was to late to stop her. Can you believe she's ratting me out on the internet? Where's the love? (The momma apologizes for the not so great phone pictures. When you are trying to catch "guilty" pug, you have to use what's closest.)
Here I am looking sweet and innocent. Asking the momma if she needs any help in the kitchen. See, I'm a good pug =)
This is the portal. The Gate blocks entry to the cat food, litter boxes, trash bags and laundry. The kitties can get low enough to get under the gate to get to food. Lilo's and Maddie's can not get that low. I have gotten under it a few times, but my tail usually catches the bar and alerts EVERYONE to what I am up to.
What is this? Some foolish person has left The Gate down. Could be possible or are my eyes playing tricks on me. Here is my chance to once again try to figure out how to get to the cat dish.

I know the darn thing is back here somewhere!! I always here the kitties eating back here. Where the heck is the bowl?!?!?!?! (The bowl is on top of the house to her right)

Can't find the bowl, maybe I can find the leftovers. At Grandma's house, I get to eat whatever the kitties knock on the floor, so it should be the same here right? I'm sure those three left something behind!!

BUSTED!!!! I can't believe I didn't hear her coming!! How embarassing to get caught and not have anything to show for it. As if that's not bad enough, then the momma announces "If the pug is out, The Gate must be up!" WTF?!?!?!!? Who died and made her queen?

So I must now turn my attention to something better. The open dishwasher =) See, not everyone rinses off everything before they put it in the dishwasher. So every once in awhile, the momma gets distrated while loading the dishwasher and I get the chance to check it out!!

MMMMMMMMM!!!!! Garlic chicken!!! The momma didn't share when she cooked, I'll get my tastes now! That was some good stuff. There's enough garlic left on the spatula to keep the fleas away for months!!!!! Good stuff =)

That blur would be me running when I heard the momma come around the corner and catch me with my tongue in the dishwasher. I quickly evaded her grasp and hid in the pug cave. I'm usually safe there. The momma doesn't invade my space to much! Unless she thinks the bed needs cleaned. Again, don't know who died and made her queen! Next thing you know, she'll be walking around yelling "Off with their heads!"

All that sneaking around sure wears a puggy out!!! I need a nice long nap after all that. But before I start snoring, I wanted to give you all an Uncle Denny Update. He is having good days adn bad days. The surgeon wants to do one more test to make sure his gall bladder really is sick before they operate. Somethign about not wanting to take anything out that still works. I don't know. They gave him some happy pills that I'm sure Aunt Vikki gives him a marshmellow or piece of cheese like we get =) If not, he should start making demands!! So drop by and visit the Posse and keep sending him healing thoughts with lots of love and kissses!!!

Until next time . . . .

Pug Love & Kisses


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

It is pretty tough to pull things ovFUR on a mom!

I like to help with pre-rinse on the dishwasher items too!

Paws khrossed fur your Unkhle D!


AL said...

You know that is so unfair to us when kitties can crawl under gates and us not! Like you, I have trying to reach for the cat dish which is only over the sink of the laundry area, but Mom always catches me arrrrgh!

BTW Lilo AL sends thanks for your prayers for her Dad's fast recovery.


Hank said...

Lilo, honey! What the crap??? You were just tryin' tuh help!!!!

Hell, who doesn't want help with the dishes?? And if cats would just gulp their food in one sittin' there'd be no need fer us pugs tuh do it fer them!

I gotcher back, honey.

The OP Pack said...

Didn't your Mom know that you were going to come running to tell her about the kitty food if you found some:) We love to help with the dishes too.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Sequoia & Petunia said...

Lilo you are so cute and if the gate is down its free game we say!

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

Poor guy caught trying to sneak food not once but twice - you better watch out or the queen might get very upset

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

Brownie said...

OMD, you are a champion! I need to learn from you, but unfortunately, no one died and made my momster queen... she thinks she was BORN queen, empress, and dictateress!

Stubby said...

Hi Lilo! No gate means the no problem. Tell the momma that if she wants you to stay away from the kitty stuff to put the gate up - period! Why don't mommas get it?

Someone forgot to rinse the dishes so you thought you would help. You try to help momma and look what happens. Sheesh!

Sending good vibes to Uncle Denny.

Stubby xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh no! If that was Indy her head would have been in the litter box munching away. yuck.
Gus likes to preclean too.. silly pugs!

Oakley and Swisher said...

There has to be a pug cycle button on that dishwasher somewhere! Your momma just didn't see it, you were just helping.

Lots of licks--
Oak and Swish


Yeah, snacks out of the dishwasher are the best kind!

You go buddy!

Riley and Star.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

hi lilo!
oh what an exciting adventure! thank you for taking us with you!

we smiled when you returned to your pug cave! emmitt has one of those too!

m & e

Lorenza said...

Paws crossed for Uncle Denny!
I am sorry you were caught... twice!
You need a better plan!
Kisses and hugs

Rosie said...

Lilo, I feel your pain - I can smell that cat dish and just can't reach it. My mom keeps it up high in the kitchen and it just smells so much better than my food. All 3 of them swarm around their dish licking away not droping a morsel for me and then they have the nerve to look in my bowl. Crazy cats.

houndstooth said...

I think you could be related to Lilac! I think you need a bit more stealth and you could pull one over on your mom!