Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Recap

Hello All, I'm back!!!! Mommy got burnt at the track again, so I get to blog!!!

We had a fun weekend. I got to kick back and relax Friday night while mommy and daddy got ready for company on Saturday.

Madie and I just kicked back and let mommy and daddy do what they needed to do.

So Saturday, we had the Pug Posse and their pawrents over for dinner. Madie and the cats were not sure what to do. The pugs took over the house!!!! Madie got in the groove pretty quickly and atfer a little dust up with Jasmine, she was having a blast. The same could not be said for Salem. He was not happy about the pug take and eve less happy about being the object of pug curiousity. He and the Pug Father exchanged a few word and a couple of nips before Salem went and slept in Mommy and Daddy's bed.

Wink and Kitten stayed pretty well hidden all night. Kitten made an appearance toward the end of the evening, but not for long. Bernice was not likin' Kitten. She barked at her until she went back into hiding. It was actually quite funny!!

Mommy was so busy trying to be a good hostess, that she forgot get her camera out. But don't worry, Miss Vikki got a few. Even one of my sour cream goatee. I was quite embarassed that the Pug Posse Mommy got my bad manners on film. I was mortified!!!!! But such is life

Sunday was another peacful day. Mommy and daddy went to the track with their friend Shelley for Bump Day. Whatever that is! Mommy came home even redder than she was after Mutt Strut, but she didn't seem to care. Keeps saying it was worth it and that she'd do it all again. Something about some guy named John Andretti making te field. I don't know who John is or what field he made, but Mommy seemed happy about it.

Hope everybody has a good week and I can't wait to see all of my pug friends next weekend at the Pug Posse's!!!!!

Till then, Pug Love to All!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello Again

It's been awhile, but mommy finally let me back on the computer. She knows she hasn't been keeping up with the blog and she is sorry. So we are still alive and kickin'. Mommy said we get to go to grandma's for Mother's day weekend. That means I get to see the kitties, Chi and Mo!!! Chi's not scared of me any moe, she just hisses and glares. Mo still doesn't like me. She runs and hides every time I come in the house. Mommy says it's because I'm always trying to eat their food, but I don't think that can be it. I mean who wouldn't want to share their bowl with me = )

Mommy says that I need to learn to play nice with the kitties. She sas they don't play as rough as Madie and I do. I say playing is playing. But mommy doen't agree. She says that while everybody else my find my screaming entertaining, grandma's kitties are much more sensitive. I didn't know kitties could be sensitive, just the other night Salem hissed at me and smacked me on the nose!! How's that for sensitive? Mommy says it will come in time, I say the time is now!!
Anyway, it's getting late and mommy says it's bedtime. So I hope everybody has a great week and if we don't make it back online, HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY!!!!!!