Monday, December 28, 2009

Apologies, Apologies, Apologies!!!!!

Dear sweet Blogger Friends!!! I am so sorry that we have not been keeping up with the blogs the last few months. Aside from the normal chaos of the holidays that keeps us all tied up in knots, we had a death in the family just after Thanksgiving making it even harder to keep up with some things. I have made a New Year's resolution to do better keeping up with the blogs and blogging!! We hope everyone had a great holiday season!! Lilo and I want to wish everyone in our great big blogger family a safe and Happy New Year!!!! We can't wait to catch up with everyone in the new year. And to those that have dropped by to let us know we are missed, THANK YOU!!! We miss all of you too!!
So I'll close with a few recent pics of Miss Lilo over the holiday season. Take care and we'll see you in the new year!!!!

Until next time. . . . . .
Pugs, Hugs & Kisses

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday - Sleepy Pug Addition

Hello Blogger Family!!!! We are so sorry that we have not been online lately. The momma hasn't been able to check blogs at work adn our internet at home is not fond of blogger. We miss everyone so much and can't wait to get caught up on the happenings in everyone's lives!!! We hope everyone is doing well and is ready for the holiday season!!
Now to the cuteness =)

Until next time . . . .
Pugs & Kisses

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Almost Wordless Wednesday

These pictures are from my Petco duty a couple weeks ago. They had been planned for an earlier post, but then I got sick and teh momm took over. So now I get to post my Petco pics!!!!

Until next time . . . .
Pugs & Kisses

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Trick or Treat!!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween!!! We got to go up to Grandma and Grandpa's for Halloween. The momma drove for a change because Grandpa said he would be SUPER DUPER, INCREDIBLY NICE and put new brakes on the momma's car. I have a really great Grandpa!!!

So Grandma takes this Halloween thing very seriously. There is a lot of work and presentation that needs to be down before it gets dark and the little monsters start showing up lokking for candy. It was cold, but I agreed to go outside and lend a paw supervising the whole operation.

I was taking my supervising duties quite seriously when the momma suggested that my helping with the decorating might go a long way toward helping everyone forget that I had broken into the my cousins special Halloween treat bags that Grandma had made and tried to help myself to some Whoppers and Starburst =) After all, i was already confined to Grandma's yard after last year's rock eating incident.

I immediately saw the logic in her thinking and jumped right in with my yard decorating expretise!!! I'm quite sure that they couldn't have pulled it all togetehr without me

Ok, maybe Grandma helped out a little =)

This is Grandma and her date for the night! Grandpa's not big on the whole trick or treat thing. He would rather stay in the house and watch football with daddy!! So Grandma got this "guy" to hang out with her =)

Here are the results of the all our hard work!! Grandma's creepy graveyard in the front of the house. There was Marcus the Carcus and the creepy guy in the corner she hasn't named yet.

She also had a fog machine, but it was way to windy for it to work right.

I was the candy inspector!! I had to make sure that it was safe for the little monsters to eat. We wouldn't want to be know as the house that gave out bad candy =)

I was Grandma's devoted assistant. I helped her hand out the candy and got lovin's from all the little monsters.

I was of course rewarded for my efforts. Every assistand deserves to get paid. So I went to the momma and demanded my payment.

I glady accepted an offering of Smartees. The momma was quite generous =)

I very much enjoyed my paycheck =)
The momma wanted to end with the picture daddy took of me sleeping on her lap while she drove home, but he keeps forgetting to send it to her =P
Oh well, any picture of me is cute =)
Until next time . . . .
Pugs & Kisses