Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Trouble and a blog title

So there might have been a little mischief today while all the resident humans were out of the house. If questioned closely, I will put all blame squarely on Kitten. After all, she is the one that likes to hang out in the lazy and her fluffy butt was the one that knocked the jar of 3 cheese marinara sauce on the floor = ). I personally don't see what the big deal is. The cat made a big mess and Madie and I cleaned it up. Complete with licked clean glass fragments (on the couch). Daddy got home and was less than happy. Then I heard him call mommy and tell her about it. He madeit sound like a big deal and got mommy all worried about what might have gotten eaten. She came home all upset that I might have eaten a piece of glass and we would end up back in Anderson at the emergency clinic. I don't know whether to feel loved that mommy is worried or offended that she thinks I would eat a piece of glass. I mean after all I'm a Pug, what would make her think I would eat glass?

Oh yeah, maybe because I have been known to eat a thing or two that weren't meant to be eaten. Most notably, the rock I swallowed on Halloween weekend. An act that Grandpa, and everyone else, will never let me forget. Mommy spent two days going back and forth the vet until finally they took an xray that showed a rock that went in, but refused to come out. So off to Anderson we went to the emergency clinic for late night surgery. Luckily, I came through with flying colors and no ill affects to my appetite. And I must say, the scar has healed so well, that you can barely see it. All in all, things turned out well. Unless you're mommy and feel like yu have to constantly worry about what a pug might eat.

So for now mommy is feeling ok about the pasta jargate. I'm still showing no change in mood and still have a pug like appetite. But only time will tell. So I'm sure she'll keep you updated.


Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Oh dear Lilo... you are crazy! But mmmm... 3 CHEEZE MARINARAARARARA??? YUMMMMOOOOO!!!

Harry Pugalicious said...

Oh no!!!! I hopes you didn't swallows any glass! That would be bad cause going to the vet sucks. But, how could you resist the yummy sauce? Those cats are always trying to get us in trouble!