Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Health Scare

So before mom heads to bed (she has an iterview tomorrow) she let me get online to say hi to everyone and to share some news from our friends Yoda and Brutus. Brutus and Yoda's mommy gave them a bath on Saturday and then put a new flea and tick treatment on them that she had gotten. Not long after, the problems started. Below is the email that she sent me about the episode.

"I recently treated Yoda and Brutus with a new topical flea and tick product called Sentry Pro XFC.

Both Yoda and Brutus had severe reactions to this product. After 3 baths, they were still having issues (they kept us up all night on Saturday night). Their symptoms included but were not limited to the following: Restlessness (they would lie down for a minute and then jump up like something was biting them), Heavy breathing, high temperature (they were burning up so much that one of the baths I gave them was a cold water bath), excessive scratching in the area where the product was applied, and they both kept shaking themselves like they were wet and shaking their heads like they had water in their ears.

Both of them are doing better now, although the area where the product applied is still pretty sensitive but they aren't trying to scratch it as much. I did some research for this product online last night and found a message board - there were nearly 500 posts from people who treated their dogs with this product and their dog(s) had similar reactions as Yoda & Brutus.

I don't want anyone else to have to go through this with their pets so please tell everyone you know who has a cat or dog to not use this product."

I'm glad Yoda and Brutus are ok. It's scary how fast things can go bad. Hopefully, thanks to their mommy sharing what happened nobody else will have to gothrough this.

Mommy and daddy said we are going to Pugapaluzza this weekend. We're going down with the
Pug Posse and checking out some Kentucky pugs (my home state). It's gonna be so much fun. We're also going to celebrate Pugsley's birthday!! Hope to see as man of my puggy friends as can make it!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!!!!!

Peace, love and PUGS!!!!



Apollo-of the Greek God's Pug said...

Good luck on the interview! I got the email too from Yoda and Brutus' mommy. That's so scary. I'm so glad they're going to be okay. I had a mild reaction when Mommy tried out Promeris on me. The area where she applied it got crusty and made my hair fall out. Now she has me on Revolution, which has been great. The best thing about it is that it covers heartworm AND fleas and ticks, so I only have to take one medication and not a yucky pill.

Pearl said...

Hi Lilo! Thank you so much for sharing this info with all of us... how scary!!! We will continue to spread the word.

cgrieze said...

Brutus and I want to thank Lilo for posting our mommy's email about the nasty stuff that she put on us last saturday. We are both feeling much better now, thank goodness. I hope we don't have to go through anything like that again! Mommy says from now on she is going to stick with Frontline.

Rachel said...

You know, Winston was having a very similar reaction to the Frontline plus I was using on him for a few months. In addition to the reactions described above he also got DEPRESSED for about a week after the treatment. By which I mean he didn't want to leave his crate, didn't get excited about food, didn't want to snuggle, play, etc. Very weird. I finally figured out it was because of the Frontline and promptly changed it. So far so good. Thanks for sharing!

Hank said...

Whoa! Scary stuff, Lilo, honey. Thanks fer the heads up!